9 October 2010
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Education is fast becoming the greatest way to obtain well in the shortest period of time. Becoming a paramedic will in no way guarantee you the financial success our independence. The one thing it will give you is job security which is pretty darned good and this down economy. No one knows how many years the economy will be stagnant due to the poor leadership over the past four years. We can all rest assured that there will always be jobs for emergency medical technician and advanced level paramedics because there will always be people that are ill or injured. Should you decide to make a career change, the health care industry is the way to go without a shadow of a doubt.be very cognitive of the fact that while there will be work for you as a paramedic the pay may not be what you are currently earning as a corporate level person. We have the ability to transform our lives and our well-being with just a simple college degree. So as we can see, education is of the utmost importance to us, our children and our parents.

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