8 January 2010
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cervical spine immobilization

Cervical Spine Immobilization has been a standard of care for the trauma patient for the past 40 years. There has been few studies to evaluate the effectiveness of a Cervical Collar and a Long Spine Board. Many Paramedics believe that the board and collar exacerbates the Cervical Spine injury.

The Airway also becomes an issue as well. The collar inhibits the opening of the Oral Pharynx. The elderly have a very difficult time tolerating the spine board let alone the cervical collar.

The EMS Education community has to be more proactive and research these modalities of the past 40 years.  There have been some great improvements to the boards and collars. The foam head blocks help to stabilize the neck. The foam prevents chaffing of the skin.

There was a Firefighter from Georgia who invented a great quick strap back board. This made strapping a load and go patient much easier and saved valuable scene time.

We are proud to serve our community as EMS Providers and all we want is to deliver the best care possible for our patients.

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