9 August 2010
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To become an Emergency Medical Technician you must attend an accredited educational institution. The Dekalb College has an excellent EMS program that many EMT students would benefit. Please be sure to check the entrance exam components. The more you bring to the table the better your chance of being accepted. Should you be in law […]

8 January 2010
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cervical spine immobilization

Cervical Spine Immobilization has been a standard of care for the trauma patient for the past 40 years. There has been few studies to evaluate the effectiveness of a Cervical Collar and a Long Spine Board. Many Paramedics believe that the board and collar exacerbates the Cervical Spine injury. The Airway also becomes an issue […]

2 January 2010
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Emergency Vehicle

As a Paramedic, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to get to the scene of an emergency. There are so many vehicles on the road to begin with and not to mention the people who will not yield to an emergency vehicle. Your lights can be going and the sirens whaling, but many drivers […]