A Paramedic is medically trained to stabilize a person who is sick or injured. Medics have become a versatile health care provider. With their out of hospital care and treatment, Paramedics are able to perform their duties in many different settings.

Paramedics have been heavily recruited by companies overseas who are affiliated with the Iraqi and Afghanistan war. The annual salary can range from $125k to $250k depending on the assignment you desire. The military utilizes Paramedics in their Special Ops units throughout the world.

EMTShell and BP employee Medics to many their offshore oil rigs to render care to their staff at sea. There are many opportunities for Paramedics throughout the world.

When you are ready to earn more money, many Paramedics bridge over to becomeĀ  Registered Nurse. Excelsior College offers a great program that allows Paramedics to use their experience and knowledge to become a RN through distant learning. There are a handful of states that require you to get additional clinical hours in order to satisfy their standards for license.

Also, there are adventurous opportunities as a Wilderness Medic or a Certified Flight Paramedic. One thing is for sure, as a Paramedic you will never become board with your career.

If you are in search of a great Paramedic Program, may I suggest that you consult with EMTs in your state. There will be no doubt that you will begin to here the same program recommended over and over again. Usually, a great program is one that challenges you and pushes you a bit out of your comfort zone. Choose to be the best and you will be rewarded daily as you render care to the sick and injured.